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Gold Invesment

INFLATION is increase of the price of goods quickly and continuous causing reduces consumer buying power because production received by it permanent. your invisible leg asset ROBBER but sure!

This tables looking for inflation happened every year and as a result at money cash which always declines its  the buying power.

Rate Inflasi 10 Years     15 Years 25 Years     40 Years

    8%             - 54%           - 68%        - 85%          - 95%

   10%            - 61%           - 76%        - 91%          - 98%

Take example I to buy 25 kgs rice at the price of  Rp. 150000 hence ten years again with my Rp.150.000 money only gets less than 10 kgs rice only. With assumption of inflation 8%/year

Inflation in reality is public much higher from government version ( in USA also), 2-3x fold can.

a planner monetary in AS calculates ideal life cost standard when you are retired is 70%-80% from your production the existing.

This assumption applied if inflation 0%/year but this how it is possible! and if seeing tables upper to be impossible of we salary rising routine can be every year inflation equivalent or to inflation. Any Way You must increase lawful earnings is outside [by] salary & starts invests in & saves since first production of you works. Bond, Savings and saving deposit is bank its the lap is far under inflation and illicit, obligation contains element speculation and gambling thus illicit,


Simple, like the one has been studied article before all that gold is the best measurement ( there is book holy of celestial religion) and applies during the time, therefore LET US DELIBERATES how much/many our production in the form of gold.

Takes example your currency salary are Rp. 5 million /month the price of gold rate the year 2009 is 333000/gr hence 5 million divided [by] 333000 = 15 grs  pure gold money. Expense of month when pension 70% from your equivalent salary with 15 grs x 70%= 10,5 grs thus living cost month of when you are retired 10, 20, 30 years again = 10,5grs pure gold money.

Disbursement per month 10 Years Again 15 Years Again 25 Years Again

 5.000.000                            10.794.624              15.860.850              23.304.800

10.000.000                           21.589.248               31.721.700             46.609.600


Life expectancy in Indonesia 70-75 years

Takes Example You are age pension 55 years, why should its(the pension is 20 years, requirement of gold during 20 years is 10,5 grs x 12 month x 20 years = 2520 grams

If You worked during 30 years, each month you must change some of currencies to become 7 grs gold money. This assumed the price of gold enough stable during 30 years. If the price of gold went up 100% 3 years again, but employed you only go up 20% thus 6 millions/ month


Simple, drastic rising gold or downwards drastic repeated way of calculation is upper; the price of rising gold 100% thus Rp. your  666000 salaries are rising 20% thus 6 million currencies hence your salary = 9 grs gold money. Expense of your pension 70% from 9 grs gold money = 6,3gr gold money


Remembers savings story haji which actually ten years then ( 2009) badly can two people leaves though ten years before all ( 1999) he considers rising fare haji with a number of enough golds to one only. MEAN your pension savings later 10,20,30 years again can fullfill not only you are a family but two or three families.


All important  relative small big not how many your salaries but how wise you manages the salary. Devoted in small case hence will be able to do big case. Simple formula manages salary, FORMULA 1234,

1 = 10% CHARITABLE ( social donation, religious obligatory, alms, etc) the charitable needs because world this applies cause and result law.

2 = 20% X'SELF EXPANSION ( courses, seminar, buys book, recreation, retreat, camp, construction) if not is developed hence you to know it only, under developed knowledge ( thus remain to amentia & stupid)

3 = 30% LAWFUL INVESTASI-TABUNGAN ( gold, savings emergency, home credit insuranceansi, insuramnce, capital employed) increasingly early you invests in more and more result which you gets

4 = 40% LAWFUL CONSUMPTION ( water invoice payee, electrics, modulation, internet, security and safety, transportasion, health, foods, education money, credit insurance car, etc)

This formula is not absolute formula depended level of your production and number of requirement & your fourth important responsibility of thing there must be and proposional. You can change its the composition becomes 10,10,30,50 or 10,5,30,55 or 10,5,10,75 or 10,10,50,30 ( aggresive)

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